Gloria Baker helmeted




Gloria Baker


Fires Large Amounts of Light
Also turns it into Laser Beams

First Used in Episode:

The Star Chariot (Episode 02)

Aura is Gloria Bakers's main mask. Wears it no matter if she's driving her own vehicle Shark and/or co-driving Gator or Thunderhawk.

Gloria wears Aura mask, which can envelope her, her vehicle or other objects and cover them in a protective aura of energy that absorbs any energy directed at it, such as lasers and dissipate it harmlessly or absorb it into the mask itself and be fired back at the source or wherever Gloria decides to project it.

For example if a missile were shot at Gloria while she was employing Aura, the energy from the missile impact and explosion would be absorbed into the aura of energy surrounding her, converting it into energy and can be immediately shot back at the source as a high powered laser beam.

The mask can cover anything as large as a truck or as small as a penny. If a significant amount of force is repeatedly used against a larger object the energy the aura enveloping it can absorb and expel is limited and too much energy absorption and redirection can rapidly overload the mask causing it to overheat and possible become damaged.

Aura mask can also envelope other vehicles and machines and leech the power from them rapidly causing them to stall or cease functioning altogether, but once again such a feat is very taxing on the mask itself, especially if the vehicles are insulated against it.

Aura Mask can also make a water tight seal around the wearer when submerged in water and has a small oxygen supply and miniaturized rebreather technology contained within it to allow Gloria to breath underwater for short spans of time.