Mask blackout01

Original Airdate:

November 06, 1985


28 of 65 in Season 1


28 of 75 overall

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Panda Power

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A Matter of Gravity


Tokyo, Japan

For the vehicle after which the episode is named, see Blackout (vehicle).

V.E.N.O.M. steal a machine that is capable of draining electricity from power stations, they christen it "Blackout" and proceed to rob Japan of all it's power.

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Synopsis is forthcoming.

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During their 'Sunday Drive', Scott Trakker warns two kids they should never ride two on one bike and tells T-Bob that it's still only Saturday.

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"Why are we cruising around, dad?"

"Yeah, what is this? The fifties?"

- Scott Trakker and T-Bob

"That thing's feeding on my lasers like a hungry wolf."

- Matt Trakker

"My invention is a single-minded shark in a sea of plenty."

- Yama

"Alex, Bruce, Gloria, start the horseshoe!"

- Matt Trakker

Satoisms Edit

"For every posion there is an antidote."

"And when giants meet, a storm will follow?"

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  • A coloring book featuring images from this story, also titled Blackout was released by Golden Books.

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