Bruce Sato

M.A.S.K. Computer Personnel Intro for Bruce Sato

Bruce Sato is a mechanical engineer and an agent of M.A.S.K.. He, Alex Sector and Buddy "Clutch" Hawks are the M.A.S.K. agents mostly responsible for development and maintenance of the vehicles.

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His specialties are mechanical engineering and Eastern philosophy.

For unknown reasons, like Hondo McLean and Julio Lopez, Bruce Sato did not appear in the Season 2 Racing Series.

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One of Sato's distinctive character traits is his propensity for speaking in Confucian aphorisms that make sense only to Matt Trakker. For a list of these "Satoisms", see List of Satoisms.

  • "Lifter, on!"
  • "I think now is a good time to quote T-Bob: Whoooooooooaaaa!" (Quest for the Canyon)
  • "Pogo stick?" (Reply to Matt upon being asked what he can make of several damaged M.A.S.K. vehicles)

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Action Figures Edit

  • Action figure packaged with Rhino and Matt Trakker figure with Lifter and Ultra Flash masks (1985)
  • Action figure 2 pack set packaged with Brad Turner (1986)
  • Split-Seconds Action figure and Clone with Lifter mask, packaged with Dynamo (1987)

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Bruce Sato was voiced by Doug Stone.

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