Dinosaur Boy
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October 7, 1985


06 of 65 in Season 1


06 of 75 overall

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The Ultimate Weapon


V.E.N.O.M. abducts a strange dinosaur-like creature whose antibodies prolong human life.

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Synopsis is forthcoming.

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On their way to a carnival, Scott and Matt mention that people should only cross the street at crosswalks, unlike two small boys who tried to cross and nearly got run over.

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"T-Bob and I will be as quiet as spiders, dad. You'll never know we're along."

- Scott

"Any ideas where V.E.N.O.M is?"

"Not yet. But according to information from the airport, no one's left the area in the last 24 hours."

"Yeah, you can almost smell them polecats, can't ya?"

- Gloria Baker, Matt Trakker and Dusty Hayes

"If your dad finds out we snuck away from Melinda, he'll skin you and junk me."

- T-Bob to Scott

Satoisms Edit

  • "When one lives in a new age, one must not forget the advantage of the old."
  • "That which is solid can also be liquid."

Continuity Edit


  • When the M.A.S.K. computer is recommending the agents for the mission, Gloria Baker's vehicle Shark is shown, but not mentioned Gloria is assisgned to be Gator's co-pilot.
  • After their masks are energized, Matt Trakker is seen taking the Ultra Flash mask (which wasn't even shown being energized) down instead of Spectrum. He also has it under his arm as he runs to his vehicle, but he uses Spectrum for the rest of the episode.
  • When Mayhem tells Von Ryan to bring him the world's largest sapphires, Vanessa's shoulders are given a flesh color instead of the usual dark blue part of her outfit.

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