Fog on Boulder Hill
Fog on boulder hill

Original Airdate:

December 12, 1985


54 of 65 in Season 1


54 of 75 overall

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Boulder Hill, Nevada

V.E.N.O.M. kidnap Clara Simpson, a retired school teacher who used to babysit Scott. They are after her car, which contains stolen 20 dollar bill printing plates. The plates were stolen by Ramsey Pugh, a former Bureau of Engraving and Printing empolyee, but were never recovered.

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Synopsis is forthcoming.

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During a thunderstorm and power failure, Matt Trakker reminds Scott and T-Bob to always have a flashlight handy in emergencies, and to make sure it has working batteries.

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"Heads up, gang, you've got company with a capital 'B'."

- Buddy Hawks

"Here's something deep for them to think about!"

- Matt Trakker

"That's the last time I mind the gas station! You locked me out! I almost got blasted to bits!"

"That is easy. I will fix you up with a couple of lasers, maybe a radar probe..."

"N-not on your microchips! If I had weapons, you'd expect me to fight V.E.N.O.M.!"

- T-Bob and Bruce Sato

"All right lady, what'd you do with your new car?"

"I won't tell you a thing. Don't you ever bathe? You're filthy!"

- Sly Rax and Clara Simpson

"I must say you have a wonderful way of staying out of trouble, Scott."

"It wasn't me this time, honest!"

- Alex Sector and Scott Trakker

"I couldn't even figure out what they wanted the little old lady for, let alone her dog..."

- Buddy Hawks

Satoisms Edit

"Sometimes the best defense is to avoid the battle."

"Perhaps it is not the answer we need, but the proper question."

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  • When Buddy, behind the wheel of Firecracker, says "Just what I'm thinking, Mrs. Simpson" at the bottom of the screen the edge of the animation cell is visible.
  • Bruce transfers Boulder Hill into defense mode, but in the wide angle when the steam is released it is back in it's normal gas station configuration.
  • When the Boulder Hill petrol pumps are in laser gun mode, the one on the left disappears for a few frames.
  • Vanessa is startled by electricity from the Boulder Hill petrol pump guns. For a few frames, the open space between her mask is colored in with a light Grey.

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