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M.A.S.K. Computer Personnel Intro for Gloria Baker

Gloria Baker is the sole female agent of M.A.S.K.

According to the M.A.S.K. Computer in the episode The Artemis Enigma, Gloria received a college education in Athens, Greece.

Activities with M.A.S.K.[]

Gloria Baker appeared in 31 episodes, debuting in Episode 2, "The Star Chariot". She has appeared in more episodes than most M.A.S.K. characters, behind Matt Trakker (70), Bruce Sato (40), and Alex Sector (37). 


  • Champion Race Driver
  • Black Belt in Kung Fu
  • Black Belt in Karate
  • Knowledge of structural engineering
  • Background in Archaeology
  • College education in Athens
  • Former student of anthropology



Gloria is defined by the computer, in most early episodes, as being a black belt in Kung Fu. However, in most early episodes such as "highway to terror" and "Caesar's Sword have her training in what appears to be a Japanese marital art spherically Hapkido. In a later episodes, the computer definers her being a black belt in karate. In "Dragonfire", Gloria appears to be sparring in a karate class, but, at least in the close up shots, she is a white belt not a black belt.

Gloria is also defined by the computer as having a background in archaeology in early episodes. In later episodes, she is said to be a former student of anthropology.


  • "Aura, on!"
  • "Hi Scott, Hi T-Bob. Did your father allow you to go on a mission?" (Dinosaur Boy)
  • "Sounds like good company for VENOM." (Dinosaur Boy)
  • "No, but for a moment there, i'd thought i'd spend the rest of my life married to Shark!" (Ghost Bomb)


Episode Appearances[]

Action Figure[]

  • Packed with New Collider Mask and Stiletto


Behind the Scenes[]

Gloria Baker was voiced by Sharon Noble who also voiced Vanessa Warfield.

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