Hondo McLean

M.A.S.K. Computer Personnel Intro for Hondo McLean

Hondo McLean is a History Teacher and a very skilled M.A.S.K. agent.

Activities with M.A.S.K. Edit

His Skills in History are mostly used in his appearances to investigate the reasons behind V.E.N.O.M's plans with historical treasures or mythical artifacts.

For the first episodes, his vehicle is Firecracker. After Firecracker is destroyed during the episode 'A Matter of Gravity', his new vehicle is introduced as Nightstalker, later renamed to Hurricane. The reason for the renaming may be due to a notorious and cruel serial killer called 'The Night Stalker', who was responsible for at least 13 homicides in 1985.

For unknown reasons, Hondo never appeared in the Racing Episodes of Season 2. It is however assumed that he is teaching classes during that time.

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  • "Blaster mask on!"

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Action Figures Edit

  • Packaged with Firecracker and Blaster mask (1985)
  • Packaged with Hurricane and Blaster II mask (1986)
  • European release action figure with BlasterII with Ace Riker and Cruise Control mask (1986)

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Hondo McLean was voiced by Doug Stone.

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