Incident in Istanbul
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Original Airdate:

December 17, 1985


57 of 65 in Season 1


57 of 75 overall

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V.E.N.O.M. hijacks an armored truck being escorted by Thunderhawk to a museum. The truck is carrying “The Emperor’s Chess Set”, which, when combined together with a painting, shows the location of a golden crown which is hidden inside a church.

Plot Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Synopsis is forthcoming.

Safety Tip[edit | edit source]

Scott and T-Bob are playing around inside a park Thunderhawk and T-Bob accidentally releases the emergency break. Matt scolds them and says they could've gotten hurt.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Well, you can bet the thief hasn't 'pawned' the chess set."

- Calhoun Burns

"Well, somebody's figured a way to 'rook' somebody out of something."

- Gloria Baker

"Hurry up, will ya? It ain't easy hanging up here all day, you know."

"Thought that was easy for you, ya big ape!"

"Very funny, Match-Head."

- Bruno Sheppard and Cliff Dagger

"Holy Roman Empire!"

- Gloria Baker

"Do you think he hid his crown under the dome? If he did, he must have worn stilts."

- Vanessa Warfield

"Vanessa, see if you can put your feminine intuition to work. That is, if you have any."

"Femininity? You gotta be kidding!"

"You wanna come over here and say that again, needlenose?"

- Miles Mayhem, Sly Rax and Vanessa Warfield

"I'm gonna go see where they're going."

"A-and I'm gonna see about hiding!"

- Scott Trakker and T-Bob

"Julio, I need your help here amigo."

"Sorry Matt, the Big Burrito has been grounded."

- Matt Trakker and Julio Lopez

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  • Julio uses the command 'Streamer Stickum' to fire his mask and 'Streamer Oil' to fire the cannons on his vehicle, Firefly. But only his mask is called Streamer.

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