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The following is a list of characters and vehicles from M.A.S.K., its television adaption, and its associated toyline. The toyline actually lasted longer than the cartoon series itself.

Toy lines[]

There were five different lines of toys released:

Series Year Description
Series One 1985 The original toys featuring many of the central characters from the television series.
Series Two 1986 A second line which expanded on the first by adding more characters from the series.
Adventure Packs 1986 A series of blister packs containing smaller vehicles, some of which were only available in Europe.
Series Three 1987 The series three toys were based on the second season of the television series, which took the form of a racing series.
Series Four 1987–1988 The fourth series was subtitled Split Seconds. Each set in the line included a vehicle, which could split in two, and two figures, one of which was a transparent version of the main figure intended to represent a hologram of the character. None of the toys in this line featured in the television series.

In addition, a new figure based on MASK leader Matt Trakker was released as part of the GI Joe: A Real American Hero toyline in 2008.[1]

M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) members and their vehicles[]

Character Description Voice Performer
Matt "Hunter" Trakker The leader of M.A.S.K. as well as a multi-millionaire philanthropist. He was one of the creators of the original M.A.S.K. team. In the comics, the team was co-created by him along with his teenage brother Andy and Miles Mayhem. Mayhem double-crosses Matt and causes the death of Andy when he steals some of the masks for his newly-established V.E.N.O.M. team. In the 2008 G.I. Joe version of "Specialist Trakker", he is a technology and stealth expert for the Joe team and V.E.N.O.M. is essentially Cobra Command's R&D branch. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Thunderhawk Spectrum A red Chevrolet Camaro, which can transform into a gull-winged fighter jet plane. His mask is Spectrum which fires a sonic sound wave which deafened people unbearably, allows him limited free fall flight and allows Trakker to see in different visual spectrums.
Rhino Ultra-Flash A Kenworth semi tractor that converts into a mobile defense platform and command center. He uses the Ultra-Flash mask which fires a blinding blast of energy.
Jungle Challenge Arrow An assault jet pack which he uses with the Arrow mask which fires acidic bolts and/or shoots thunderbolts.
Coast Patrol Dolphin An armed rescue raft which he uses with the Dolphin mask which controls water and/or emits sonic signals.
Volcano Lava Shot A monster truck van where he uses the mask Lava Shot which fires blobs of molten metal.
Goliath I Shroud A race car that launches from Goliath II and becomes a fighter jet. He uses the Shroud mask which creates a cloud of inky darkness.
Skybolt New Spectrum A jet fighter plane that splits into an assault rocket car and an aerial attack craft. His accompanying mask is New Spectrum which creates a holographic double.
Scott Trakker The adopted son of Matt Trakker. His father raised him alone. He has great mechanical skills and is always upgrading T-Bob with some new function. Brennan Thicke
T-Bob The cowardly robot sidekick of Scott Trakker who can convert into a scooter. He was built by Scott. T-Bob likes making bad jokes and is easily frightened. According to Fleetway comics, T-Bob was short for "Thingamabob." Graeme McKenna
Bruce "Magic" Sato Mechanical engineer and design specialist who serves as Matt Trakker's de facto second-in-command. Bruce Sato is of Japanese origin. Occupation: toy designer. He often talks in Confucian riddles that only Matt Trakker seems to understand. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Rhino Lifter A Kenworth semi tractor that converts into a mobile defense platform and command center. His mask is Lifter which creates an anti-gravity field.
Rescue Mission Grasshopper A helipack and the Grasshopper mask allowing him to jump incredible distances.
Dynamo New Lifter A dune buggy that splits into a helicopter and assault car. His mask, New Lifter, creates a holographic double.
Alex "Megabyte" Sector Computer and communications expert and Zoology specialist. Hails from Britain Occupation: veterinarian and exotic pet store owner. As an action figure, Sector originally came with the Boulder Hill playset. Brendan McKane
Vehicle Mask Description
Rhino Jack Rabbit He serves as co-pilot and systems commander in this battle truck. His Jack Rabbit mask allows him to fly.
The Collector Disruptor A tollbooth that transforms into an attack installation and where he uses the Disruptor mask to disrupt radio transmissions.
Dusty "Powderkeg" Hayes Auto and marine stunt driver, all-terrain specialist and tracking and demolition expert. Occupation: pizza cook and deliveryman. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Gator Backlash A Jeep CJ7 with a releasable boat. His Backlash mask fires a kinetic blast.
Billboard Blast Vacuum A billboard that opens up to reveal a gun emplacement. He uses the Vacuum mask that creates pockets of vacuum energy.
Afterburner New Backlash A dragster that splits into a small jet plane and an elevated turret. His New Backlash produces a holographic clone.
Gloria Baker A champion race car driver and black belt in kung fu. Occupation: race car driver and sensei. Sharon Noble
Vehicle Mask Description
Shark Collider also called Aura A Porsche 928 sports car that can transform into a submarine. Her Collider mask produces an energy absorbing shield. Shark only appeared in the show, apparently never having been made into a toy, something which Kenner supposedly planned to release.
Stiletto New Collider A Lamborghini Countach race car that can split into a helicopter and an assault plane. Her mask is New Collider which produces her holographic clone.
Brad "Chopper" Turner Expert hill climber, rock musician, motorcycle driver, and helicopter pilot. Graeme McKenna
Vehicle Mask Description
Condor Hocus-Pocus A motorcycle that can transform into a helicopter. His Hocus-Pocus mask can project holograms.
Razorback Eclipse A Ford Thunderbird stock car racer which turns into an elevated mobile weapon platform. His mask, Eclipse, created a field of inky darkness.
Hondo "Striker" MacLean Weapons specialist and tactical strategist. Occupation: history teacher. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Firecracker Blaster A pick-up truck that elevates into a mobile weapon platform. He uses the Blaster mask which fires a destructive energy beam.
Hurricane Blaster II A 1957 Chevy which turns into a six-wheeled attack tank. He uses the improved Blaster II mask. Hondo was given Hurricane when Firecracker was destroyed in the series. In some episodes, Hurricane was referred to as Nightstalker.
Sea Attack Blaster II A small attack boat (released in Europe only).
Ramp-Up New Blaster A repair ramp that turns into a tank. (Never released)
Buddie "Clutch" Hawks A master of disguise and intelligence expert. Occupation: mechanic. As an action figure, Hawks originally came with the Boulder Hill playset. Mark Halloran
Vehicle Mask Description
Firecracker Penetrator Hawks often serves as co-pilot of Firecracker with Hondo MacLean. His Penetrator mask allows him to pass through solid objects.
Hurricane Penetrator In some episodes, Hawks serves as pilot of Hurricane. He also uses the Penetrator mask with it.
Wildcat Ditcher A tow truck that turns into a tall tank and uses the Ditcher mask which gouges into the earth and rock digging wide trenches.
Calhoun Burns A construction and demolition specialist. He works as an architect and enjoys raising horses. Graeme McKenna
Vehicle Mask Description
Raven Gulliver A Chevrolet Corvette which turns into a seaplane and submarine. He uses the Gulliver mask which can enlarge or shrink objects.
Arctic Assault Gulliver An armed jetpack released only in Europe. He also uses the Gulliver mask with it.
Jacques "Trailblazer" LeFleur A natural disaster specialist and martial arts master. Occupation: Lumberjack. Hometown: Québec, Canada. Brendan McKane
Vehicle Mask Description
Volcano Maraj A monster truck van which turns into an attack station. He is the co-pilot and his mask is Maraj which creates an invisibility screen.
Glider Strike Maraj An armed mini-glider in which he also uses the Maraj mask.
Detonator New Maraj A Volkswagen Beetle that separates into an attack boat and an assault quad bike. The New Maraj mask creates his holographic clone of himself.
Julio "Doc" Lopez Expert in languages and cryptography. He is of Latino ancestry. Occupation: doctor. Graeme McKenna
Vehicle Mask Description
Firefly Streamer A racing dune buggy which turns into a jet. His mask is called Streamer which fires sticky bands of glue, a fire suppresent foam, or a slick oil-like substance. In one episode, Firefly was referred to as Dragonfly.
Fireforce New Streamer A Pontiac Fiero that splits into a jet plane and an attack motorcycle. He uses the New Streamer to create his holographic clone of himself.
Ace "Falcon" Riker Former NASA test pilot. Works at a hardware store. Mark Halloran
Vehicle Mask Description
Slingshot Ricochet A recreational van that splits in half to reveal a jet fighter launch ramp. His mask is Ricochet, which fires an energy boomerang.
Meteor Cruise Control A jet that splits into a smaller aerial fighter and a missile launching tank. The Cruise Control mask that he wears could take control of vehicles. This was not considered one of the Split Seconds vehicles, though the design is similar.
Boris "The Czar" Bushkin A big, burly, bald, bearded Russian who was a former V.E.N.O.M. agent that defected to M.A.S.K. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Bulldog Comrade A semi-tractor truck that turns into a half-track tank. His mask is named Comrade that fired red energy-based stars that visually confused opponents. In the Fleetway comics, Boris' vehicle was called Bulldoze.
"Chief" Nevada Rushmore An American Indian and Matt Trakker's childhood friend. Brendan McKane
Vehicle Mask Description
Goliath II Totem A truck that turns into a command station and missile launcher, and serves as a launch platform for Goliath I. His mask is called Totem which fires small totem shaped explosive grenades.
Ali Bombay An immigrant from Kandukar, India. Brian George
Vehicle Mask Description
Bullet Vortex A racing motorcycle which turns into a hovercraft. His mask is called Vortex which creates controlled whirlwinds. In the Fleetway comics, Ali's vehicle was called Bandit.

V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem) members and their vehicles[]

Character Description Voice Performer
Miles "Wolf" Mayhem The leader of V.E.N.O.M. and the twin brother of Maximus Mayhem. In the comics, he betrayed the original M.A.S.K. team by killing Andy Trakker and stealing half of the masks for evil purposes. In the cartoon, the origin of V.E.N.O.M. is a lot less clear, though Mayhem's connections to M.A.S.K remain the same as the comics and that he co-created the organization. Mentioned in the 2008 filecard of "Specialist Trakker" for G.I. Joe's recent line of toys, Miles Mayhem is an operative for Cobra Command with V.E.N.O.M. being a technology and weapons research branch and mercenary army. Brendan McKane
Vehicle Mask Description
Switchblade Viper A helicopter that can transform into a jet plane. His mask is Viper which spits corrosive poison.
Outlaw Python A tanker truck that transforms into an assault installation and mobile command center. His mask is Python which fires a gripping wire.
Venom's Revenge Ripper An assault jet pack. He uses it with the Ripper mask that fires a beam of metal-shredding energy.
Buzzard Flexor A Formula 1 race car that splits into a drone-pilot-controlled jet and two smaller assault motorcycles. The mask is Flexor which fires a flexible energy shield. This was not considered one of the Split Seconds vehicles, though the design is similar. Miles shared Buzzard with his not-as-intelligent twin brother, Max. {see below}
Wolfbeast New Viper A blue Corvette Stingray which splits into a tank and jet plane. His mask is New Viper which projects his holographic clone.
Sly "Wrecker" Rax A con man, espionage artist, and weapons expert. In the comics, he has ambitions of replacing Miles Mayhem as the leader of V.E.N.O.M. Mark Holloran
Vehicle Mask Description
Piranha Stiletto A motorcycle with a releasable submarine sidecar and uses the Stiletto mask that shoots armor-piercing harpoons.
Pitstop Catapult Sawblade An armored gasoline stand. He uses the Sawblade mask that fires slashing blades.
Cliff "Blaster" Dagger The eyepatch-wearing member of V.E.N.O.M. who is an expert in demolitions and bare-knuckle brawling. He is also a convicted arsonist. Mark Halloran
Vehicle Mask Description
Jackhammer Torch A Ford Bronco which turns into an assault vehicle with lots of firepower. He uses the Torch mask which is a flamethrower.
Thunderball New Torch An anti-aircraft gun disguised as a holding tank tower. He uses the New Torch mask. This toy was never released, though a few prototypes are said to exist.
Vanessa Warfield Vanessa Warfield is V.E.N.O.M.'s espionage and intelligence agent. She becomes the unofficial leader of the team by the beginning of the second season. Vanessa is one of few V.E.N.O.M. agents besides Miles Mayhem to pilot Switchblade regularly when he is incapable of doing so as well as occasionally riding shotgun with Dagger in Jackhammer. She falls for Brad Turner in series finale. Sharon Noble
Vehicle Mask Description
Manta Whip A Nissan 300ZX that can turn into a plane. She uses the Whip mask which emits powerful whip-like strands of electronic energy.
Bruno "Mad Dog" Sheppard A hand-to-hand combat specialist and convicted kidnapper who sports an orange mohawk. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Stinger Magna-Beam An orange Pontiac GTO that turns into a tank. His Magna-Beam mask can attract, repel or rip apart magnetic objects. In some episodes, Stinger was referred to as Scorpion.
Racing Arena Magna-Beam An assault pack which he also uses with the Magna-Beam mask.
Barracuda New Magna-Beam A yellow motorbike that turns into a rocket glider and armed cycle. The New Magna-Beam mask produces his holographic double. In the toys in the UK, Barracuda was also known as Jackal.
Nash "Goon" Gorey Overeager and boot-licking henchman. In the comics, Gorey was initially a new recruit for M.A.S.K., but was revealed to be a mole working for V.E.N.O.M. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Outlaw Powerhouse also called Samson in a few episodes A black oil tanker which turns into a mobile defense unit of which he serves as co-pilot for Miles Mayhem. His Powerhouse mask allows him to multiply his strength.
Lester "The Lizard" Sludge A smarmy henchman with an annoying signature laugh. He almost succeeds in murdering Matt Trakker in "When Eagles Dare." Brian George
Vehicle Mask Description
Iguana Mudslinger An off-road vehicle which turns into a mobile buzz-saw platform. His Mudslinger mask flings mud at the enemy.
Floyd "Birdman" Malloy The leader of an unnamed biker gang, expert street fighter, and convicted forgery artist. Brendan McKane
Vehicle Mask Description
Vampire Buckshot A red motorbike which turns into a jet. His Buckshot mask launches ball bearings.
Vandal New Buckshot A front-end loader which separates into an aircraft and a tank. Here, he uses the New Buckshot mask to make his holographic double.
Maximus "Maxie" Mayhem Maximus Mayhem is the weak-willed twin brother of Miles Mayhem. Doug Stone
Vehicle Mask Description
Buzzard Deep Freeze A Formula 1 race car that splits into a drone-controlled jet and two smaller assault motorcycles. He uses the mask Deep Freeze which fires a cold energy ray.

Other toys[]

Name Description
Boulder Hill The M.A.S.K. team's headquarters is an unassuming gas station in Boulder Hill, Nevada which can transform into a fortress and defend itself. It also has a secret cargo plane which they use to transport their vehicles to another location. The plane was never given any name, nor was it included in the play set. The Boulder Hill play set came with Alex Sector and Buddie Hawks action figures.
Laser Command class="wikitable"
Vehicle Mask Description
Hornet Lasertron A MASK packing crate that opened to reveal an aerial attack vehicle. The toy came with a Matt Trakker action figure and the Lasertron mask (a redress of the Ultraflash mask from Rhino).
Ratfang Raynet A VENOM truck with limited transforming capabilities, its exhausts swung out to form side cannons. Instead its doors, wheels and hood burst apart when triggered by infrared beams fired from Hornet. The toy came with a Miles Mayhem action figure and the Raynet mask (a redress of the Viper mask from Switchblade).



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