Maximus (Maxie) Mayhem is the younger twin brother of V.E.N.O.M. leader Miles Mayhem.

Activities with VENOM Edit

Maximus only appears in the racing series episodes of Season Two. He drives one side of Buzzard with his brother Miles. He first appears in the episode Where Eagles Dare while he and Miles are trying to outrace Matt Trakker in a cross country race. When the vehicle Buzzard splits apart Maximus is on one side that becomes a two wheel vehicle, while his brother is on the other side and the center of the vehcile becomes a flying drone. There was also one time that Maximus talked Miles into doing a race with Matt Trakker at a racetrack because he was wanting his brother to go strait and become honest after all this time. Little did Maximus know that some of his brother's minons like Vanessa Warfield would do something to ruin the race.

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Action Figures Edit

  • Packed with Deep Freeze mask and Buzzard, with Miles Mayhem with Flexor mask (1986)

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Maximus Mayhem was voiced by Doug Stone.

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