Raiders of the Orient Express
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Original Airdate:

December 26, 1985


65 of 65 in Season 1


65 of 75 overall

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The Manakara Giant

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Demolition Duel To The Death


Zermatt, Switzerland

V.E.N.O.M. seeks “mad” King Ludwig’s treasure, and pilfers the Orient Express for clues. Vanessa is a passenger on the train disguised as a Countess and when the train goes through a tunnel, she disappears, along with a set of doors onboard the train.

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Synopsis is forthcoming.

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T-Bob and Scott are in a hurry, so the robot wants to cross a railroad crossing when the warning signal is on. Scott tells him how dangerous this could be.

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"It must have been exiting being on a train with all kinds of criminals."

"If that's what you want, just hop on a subway."

- Scott Trakker and T-Bob

"All right! I love going through tunnels."

"N-not me. We get stuck in enough holes as it is."

- Scott Trakker and T-Bob

"Ok T-Bob, turn on your headlight."

"I-I-I-I'm not so sure about this. Oh, what if another train comes through? I'll be turned into T-Blob!"

- Matt Trakker and T-Bob

"If you won't help, I'll tell dad you borrowed his electric shoe polisher to shine your kneecaps."

"You w-wouldn't! All right... what's your hairbrain scheme this time?"

- Scott Trakker and T-Bob

"Dagger, you've got more holes in your head than two tons of swiss cheese."

- Sly Rax

"Look at those knights battle it out!"

"But one of them don't have a weapon. It ain't a fair fight."

"That's why I like it."

- Sly Rax and Cliff Dagger

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  • Bruce Sato is designated as Thunderhawk's pilot on this mission. Matt Trakker takes the passenger seat when he joins him.
  • During the final battle, Jackhammer is ripped in half and the motorcycle part of Piranha is smashed to bits against a rock. Since they are never seen again, it is possible they were never recovered or repaired.


  • As T-Bob says he's Scott's first robot, too, his arm moves in front of Scott, then disappears behind him when Scott begins to move.
  • When Scott and T-Bob drive away from the Transport jet and are seen from the back, Scott is drawn too small in proportion.

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