Riddle of the Raven Master
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Original Airdate:

November 28, 1985


44 of 65 in Season 1


44 of 75 overall

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The Chinese Scorpion

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The Spectre of Captain Kidd


London, England

Written by:

Jina Bacarr

V.E.N.O.M. uses ravens, trained by Vanessa, to steal the crown jewels, and as a diversion Rax has installed a bomb in Big Ben.

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Synopsis is forthcoming.

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Matt Trakker is cooking in a log cabin and T-Bob burns his hand while grabbing a pan cooking on a stove.

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Quotes Edit

"Birds of a bad feather flock together."

- Bruce Sato

"A feather in the hand is worth two ravens on the fly."

- Matt Trakker

"These walls must be as thick as your head. You're not getting through!"

- T-Bob

"That was too close for me! Listen to my heart ticking."

"You don't have one, T-Bob. That's the bomb ticking!"

- T-Bob and Scott Trakker

"You and T-Bob leave there faster than a second hand and go back to the hotel."

- Matt Trakker

"Come to Vanessa, my devious darlings."

- Vanessa Warfield

"Bullseye! Now to recover the bag of baubles."

- Matt Trakker

Satoisms Edit

"A man's greatest honor comes not from what is written on paper, but in his heart."

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