Scott Trakker
Scott Trakker


MASK (ally)


Elementary School Student


Mechanical and Computer Whiz


Matt Trakker (Father)
Andy Trakker (uncle) (deceased)
Andrew Trakker Sr. (grandfather) (deceased)

Voiced by:

Brennan Thicke

First Appearance:

The Deathstone (Episode 01)




T-Bob (Constant Companion)

Scott Trakker is Matt Trakker's only child who always want to help M.A.S.K. in missions although his behavior puts him into trouble. He's constantly in the company of T-Bob.

Activities with MASK Edit

Although not an official member of M.A.S.K, Scott is a Mechanical and Computer Whiz, often replied by T-Bob (in the animated series, it is said that Scott built T-Bob all by himself) and demonstrated in some occasions when he and T-Bob find clues of V.E.N.O.M activities even against his father wishes for safety. If Scott was at least a teenager, he would probably be considered a M.A.S.K agent in training, but has been considered a honorary M.A.S.K agent, often stated by Bruce Sato and Gloria Baker for whom Scott developed a good friendship, even seeing them along with the other M.A.S.K agents as a big family.

At the end of every episode in Season 1, Scott and T-Bob with some of the M.A.S.K agents on occasion, taught safety lessons to viewers like: never play with matches, always use a phone post for emergencies on the road, never call for false alarms or always put on the helmet when you ride a motorcycle or a bike, etc.

For unknown reasons, Scott and T-Bob were absent in the Season 2 Racing Series.


Impulsive, curious. Scott has a habit og disobeying his father's orders to stay out of missions, often coming up with a creative reason to do what he was explicitly told not to do. However, even if he follows his father's orders, he has a tendency to end up in trouble anyway.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ah Dad, I could help you on a mission if you ask me." (Scott when his father wants him out of danger).

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Action Figures Edit

  • Action figure Packaged with T-Bob (1985)


Behind the Scenes Edit

Scott Trakker was voiced by Brennan Thicke.

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