The Lippizaner Mystery
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Original Airdate:

November 18, 1985


36 of 65 in Season 1


36 of 75 overall

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The Sacred Rock



V.E.N.O.M. steal ten of the famous Lippizaner Stallions by using a sonic transmitter to stampede the horses during a special show. They plan to sell them to corrupt Arab billionaire Emir of Amrah for $4 million in platinum bars.

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Synopsis is forthcoming.

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Dusty tells Scott to always let a horse know your position when you walk around one. T-Bob finds out why the hard way.

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"I-I've got over a million motivation and logic circuits in me, and what does he use me for? A-a-a popcorn box!"

- T-Bob

"I ain't had so much fun since the hogs ate uncle George!"

- Dusty Hayes

"Now, if I was a secret trap door, where would I hide?"

- Dusty Hayes

"Where's your spirit of adventure, T-Bob?"

"I-I think it was the first thing you took out."

- Scott Trakker and T-Bob

"You know, it might be less trouble if he came with us next time."

"In fact, we might even have less trouble if we let him join V.E.N.O.M. "

"Gee, do you think I could? T-Bob and I could work undercover."

"I-I'd rather be a popcorn popper. "

- Dusty Hayes (speaking with Buddy's voice), Gloria Baker, Scott Trakker and T-Bob

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