The Lost Fleet
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Original Airdate:

December 3, 1985


47 of 65 in Season 1


47 of 75 overall

Previous Episode:

The Secret of the Stones

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Quest of the Canyon


Reykjavík, Iceland

Written by:

Jina Bacarr

V.E.N.O.M. steals sails from boats to make a balloon that can lift the village from its foundations. The balloon fills up the lavaholes underneath the city making a lost golden fleet reappear.

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Synopsis is forthcoming.

Safety Tip Edit

Scott reminds T-Bob to hold the ladder he is climbing on to retrieve a kite from the Trakker Mansion roof.

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Quotes Edit

"This isn't snow, it's sail cloth!"

"No cobbler's elves made these perfect stitches."

- Matt Trakker and Bruce Sato

"Feels like it's getting hot in here."

"I don't want a weather report, Rax!"

- Sly Rax and Miles Mayhem

"At last, the biggest discovery in a thousand years will soon be mine!"

- Miles Mayhem

"Now I know how being in a trash compator feels!"

- T-Bob

"Mayhem's craftier than an old viking sea dog. The computer will tell us why he's poking his nose around here."

- Matt Trakker

"Hey, what is that?"

"Y-yeah, and where did the dirty laundry come from?"

- Scott Trakker and T-Bob

Satoisms Edit

"He who eats too much sugar, soon has sweet nothings where his teeth used to be."

"Wise man say: Just when you think you see nothing, you see everything."

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  • Matt Trakker says "According to Spectrum" while wearing his Lava Shot mask instead of Spectrum.
  • Sly Rax's mask is shown lowering onto his head in a split-screen shot, even though his motorcycle doesn't have a roof like the other vehicles.
  • At the end of the battle, Matt Trakker is talking as if he is operating Thunderhawk and 'sealing the deal' while it is actually Bruce Sato who is driving this vehicle and sealing the cave.

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